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01 February - 30 April 2017

MAY 2017

Improve your follow through to get much better distances and direction

This exercise will show you the importance of the follow through and creating a better distance and direction.

As shown below in  pic 1 is a bad follow through as both arms is not in a good extension through the target and with pic 2 you see that both arms is passing freely through the target with a good extension




Equipements for the exercise:

  • 1 basket of 55 balls
  • 7 Iron
  • Allignment sticks


Step 1

In this drill you need to place your ball on the left side of your left foot. 


Step 2

To be able to touch the ball when you are doing your swing, you need to extend your arms in your downswing so that you can improve your follow through. Even you topped your ball it’s not a big problem as the ball is not in a good position and it’s just an exercise to improve your follow through.


You will see little by little you will improve your follow through and gaining in distance.


When you finish your exercise, try it with your ball in the middle and do only half swing to start and then later a full swing.




Correct Your Slice

The Slice is one of the biggest nightmare for most of the players. This drill will help you to change quickly your trajectories.

- Place almost 10 balls in front of your setup with a semicircle shape, so that you can have a good visualization of your club path and also place a stick or a golf club for your alignment.

- Now, try to follow the balls shape during your swing. Your swing path will be inside/inside, the best way to stop your slice. 

- Make sure that you rotate your hips and shoulders during your back swing. To feel and improve your rotation you can do this exercise. 




Tip- Distance Control (With Eyes Closed)

After making their practice strokes, many golfers fail to reproduce the same length and tempo when hitting the actual putt. Some focus intently on how far they take the putter back – even watching it with their peripheral vision – and destroy all sense of rhythm.

This drill is designed to increase your feel for how far the ball will roll based on your stroke:

- Place five balls side by side with about five inches between each ball. 

- Putt the first ball without a target or specific distance in mind. 

- Immediately step to the next ball and stroke it without preparation or thought – try to hit it as close as possible to the first ball. Do the same thing for the remaining balls. The goal is to put them all within a three-foot circle. 

- Repeat the drill, hitting the first ball a little farther this time. 

- Next, try hitting each ball with your eyes closed. Don’t look up to see how far they roll. Only open your eyes to set up to the next ball, then close them and stroke it. 

- Putting with your eyes closed is a great way to enhance your feel. You’ll also begin making better contact with open eyes – and consistently solid contact is a huge factor in controlling distance.




The Slopes Part 1 The ball bellows your feet



- Put more angles in your posture. Be very solid on your legs.
- Take a wider stance. 



 Make a shorter and slower back swing to keep a perfect balance. 

 - Stay very low in your down swing and follow through. 



  Your ball will follow the slopes (slice), so aim more to the left. 

 - This is a difficult shot, don’t take a long club. 




 JUNE 2016 

The Slopes Part 1 Down Hill



- Set up all your body lines (shoulders, hips and knees) parallel to the ground. 
- You must feel your weight more on your front leg
- Grip you club 1 inch down



- Make a shorter and slower back swing to keep a perfect balance
- Follow the ground in your follow through
- Finish the swing very low and why not one step forward



- Your club will be less open, so your trajectories will be lower with more roll
- Take one club under

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