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Newsletter - July 2015

01 July - 31 July 2015
Heritage Golf Club - Newsletter July 2015
Heritage Golf Club Newsletter July 2015
Dear Golfing Friends,
With all the talk of growing the game of golf we have decided to open the first Foot Golf course in Mauritius and make golf accessible to ALL of our hotel guests and villa residents!
So what is Foot Golf you ask?
Well, this is a combination of football (soccer) and golf and is growing at an exponential rate worldwide. The number of specialised Foot Golf courses in the US alone has surged from about 30 in 2013, when the sport was first introduced, to almost 300 this year. I believe it is an innovative way of combining the world’s most popular spectator sport and a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Definitely a winning formula!

Click on this link to watch a great video explaining the game:

Foot Golf explained

We will transform our Short Course into one that can be played conventionally by golfers and by foot golfers! Watch this space and make sure to bring your football togs along with you on your next visit to Heritage!
Our philosophy has always been to use your constructive feedback and to continue making this product better. The quiet season always allows as to do just that and we are currently reviewing changes to holes 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 & 17 with the Matkovich design team. All of these changes are very exciting and will certainly make your favourite golf course even more beautiful and rewarding to play.

Hope to see you on the fairways soon!

Happy golfing!
Ryan Dodds
General Manager
Golf is fun at Heritage Resorts with SNAG!
Heritage Junior Golf Academy is now in full swing. We have just partnered with SNAG (Starting New At Golf) who are the creators of the most exciting, interactive & fun learning experience for your kids who are want to take up the game! This learning system is endorsed by Jack Nicklaus and undertakes to bring golf to millions of children worldwide.

We have complimentary kids classes every Wednesday at 11:30 and encourage you to send your kids along and introduce them to a game of a lifetime!
MCB Indian Ocean Amateur Golf Open
We are proud to announce that Heritage Golf Club has been chosen to host the 2015 MCB Indian Ocean Amateur! This is highest profile amateur event in the Indian Ocean and carries World Amateur Ranking points. It will see some of the leading Amateurs from South Africa, France, India and Indian Ocean Islands compete for the prestigious title.

It will be held from the 23rd – 25th October and spectators are welcome!
MCB Indian Ocean Amateur Golf Open
8th -Murphys Golf Club

14th & 15th – Mercedes Trophy Finals South Africa

29th – Expats Golf Club

5th – Murphys Golf Club

12th – Telfair School Golf Day

21st – Bi-Annual Hollow tining of greens

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  The Texas Wedge

This shot is perfect for the situation were you find your ball on the fringe of the green resting against the collar of the rough. If you use your putter the ball will bobble as you hit it resulting in an inconsistent and unpredictable result. Instead, use your Sand Wedge and address the ball as indicated below (middle of stance) and use your putting stroke. You should attempt to hit the ball midway up, doing this will ensure you put a good roll on the ball and get out of a tricky situation!

Golf Tip: The Texas Wedge


Fairways et greens
We are currently busy with various small course renovations and improvements. Below is a short recap of each project currently in progress or recently completed:

1. Resurfacing of ladies tee on hole 7
The job was completed during the last week of July and is now in the growing in phase; we carried out this task as the tee was simply too small and no longer level. In the mean time we have provided you with a temporary tee playing a little shorter than the old one, enjoy the few extra yards on your drive!

2. Resurfacing of men’s tee on hole 6
Resurfacing of men tee on hole 6
We have just started removing the existing grass on this tee and therefore should have completed the project in a week or so. Again the aim is to review the levels on the tee as well as remove all foreign grasses.

3. Placing curbs along cart paths in strategic areas
Placing curbs along cart paths in strategic areas
The aim of this exercise is simply to keep the golf carts on the pathways provided. It is quite clear that many golfers feel the need to park their carts on the grass next to cart path instead of simply remaining on the provided surface. The reasoning I believe is to allow other carts to pass but the reality is that you hardly ever have other carts passing you during a round of golf which logically would mean that you would cause much less wear and tear to the turf if you left your cart on the concrete path. The irony is that in Mauritius drivers often park their cars on the road when they pop into the “tabagie” for a quick phoenix but yet insist on parking their carts on the grass when they play golf!

4. Planting palms left of the 11th hole
Planting palms left of the 11th hole
Today we started planting a few dictyosperma palms along the water hazard situated left of the fairway. These palms will help better demarcate the actual hazard line from the tee, frame the hole a little and also punish the wayward shots. The palms are still young and will be staked so please take relief and avoid damaging all young plantings on the course.

That’s it for this month and happy golfing.
Jeremy Mamet
Course Superintendent
April Quiz
July Rules Question
In a stroke play competition, the Committee issues the score cards containing the competitor's handicap in addition to his name and the date. The Committee mistakenly records a competitor's handicap as seven instead of six and this affects the number of strokes received. The error remains unnoticed until after the card is returned, but before the competition has closed. What is the ruling?

Please send your answer to the rules guru, Avinash on golf@heritagegolfclub.mu. The first correct answer will win a complimentary four ball to play at the Heritage Golf Club.
June's Rules Question & Answer
A player’s ball is lost in a tree rooted in an area marked as Ground Under Repair. Is the player entitled to relief without penalty?

As all ground and any grass, bush, tree or other growing thing within ground under repair is considered to be a part of the ground under repair, the ball is lost in ground under repair and the player is entitled to relief under Rule 25-1c.

Congratulations to Mark Cridland for winning our June competition. You will receive a voucher to play a round at Heritage Golf Club.
WINNER: Mark Cridland
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